Locassa Exchange Note: Creating Cureency in a time of Abstracted Inflation & Mass Consumption in a Capitalist Society

The newly circulated United States dollar bills released from 2003 to 2013 inspired this work. Upon release these notes appeared fake due to their new aesthetic additions. My first association was with their eerie resemblance to Monopoly money. The game Monopoly is an appropriate metaphor because it promotes the capitalist system that influences every aspect of our lives. Hopefully people will begin to question and examine this destructive abstract force that controls our every move and thought.

Since a little kid I have been fascinated by the power and influence of cash. The more informed my research made me, the further it emerged as a fraudulent abstraction. Since private banking companies, such as the Federal Reserve, can just print money our of thin air...then why couldn't I? Who gives them the authority to control our money supply, and thus our money value, essentially controlling our quality of life in a consumption based society?

I decided to go ahead and design and print my own currency exchange notes from scratch. They are slightly bigger than US dollar bills, have a similar aesthetic, and are printed on high quality hand made imported Japanese paper.

I named the notes: "Locassa" . Lo (my first name) + cassa (latin root for cash).


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