Locaphonic : The Art of Music. The Art of Food. The Art of Living Local.

I'm helping out with a small, newly founded nonprofit, Locaphonic. A little bit about us:

Locaphonic’s mission is to connect Bay Area residents with our local musicians, food, and culinary artists, promoting sustainable livelihoods for artists and farmers and uniting our community through food and music.

Locaphonic was inspired by the “locavore” movement, which promotes the idea that eating locally-produced food supports a sustainable local food economy. By applying similar principles to the music world and partnering with talented local culinary artists, Locaphonic’s intention is to strengthen the Bay Area’s understanding and appreciation for the creative work of our gifted local musicians.

Our purpose is to build community through food and music by connecting Bay Area residents with the musical and culinary talent that exists right in our own backyard. We believe that life is better with good food and good music, and we believe that our cultural community can thrive by supporting local artists. Chefs and musicians collaborate to create edible concerts and to nourish the life of our vibrant local community. 

By providing musicians with performance opportunities at home, they travel  less and play more for their communities. Chefs create with seasonal, organic, local produce, connecting their patrons to the land that nourishes them. Residents hear stellar local musicians and support local chefs and restaurants, thereby investing in the sustainability of our community.


I feel like there are a lot of opportunities to connect with people and organizations in the area who are on board with our mission to increase our visibility and reach, and I think social media is a great platform to do so. 

Slowly but surely I've been trying to build the audience. Right now our mainstay is having weekly picks, as well as some other sporadic funny/cute posts (along the lines of on-boarding people in the easiest way possible). I feel like there's a lot I could post, but it seems like most of the people not that many people see it, which makes it feel like tossing energy into the wind.

I really wanted to delve in with all sorts of questions and ideas, but am obviously joining the conversation very late, so I'll just ask a couple. My most pressing question right now is why our views for posts went up so much and then down again. My guess is timing - the two that got 200+ views we posted at about 9 or 9:30 am, whereas the next week we posted our weekly pick an hour later. I would love to have some insight into how there are such big discrepancies about how many people see a post.


I'm also wondering if engagement is more important than number of views - it seems to me that 11 people interacting with a post out of 236 people seeing it would be better than just 3, even if percentage wise the 3 out of 11 is much, much higher. Do you have any links to information about how posts get seen, or not?

I'd also like to enter the Twitter conversation, and I'm wondering how to start learning the language. What should one post on Twitter versus Facebook? How should I get started? Are there any "insights," like with Facebook?

I hope I'm not too late for a few snippets of feedback! Thank you so much!


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