Localr - student project

Localr - image 1 - student project

I've been dreaming of building a startup that connects travelers with locals.  

Some travelers don't like to read guidebooks. Some don't have time to research and plan where they want to visit. Some want to visits spots that are not listed in guidebooks. Some want to meet locals and learn about their culture. Some locals may never have the opportunity to travel to meet foreigners. Some locals may need extra money.

All of these problems can be solved by creating a website where locals from all over the world can offer travelers tours of their hometown.

Any locals can be a tour guide. Locals can create a profile page about themselves, what kind of tours they can offer in their hometown, when they're available and how much they'd charge.

Any travelers can visit the website and type in the city or region where they'd like to travel. Then they would see a page of locals who can offer tours in the city or region. They would read up about each local and the tour and then they can purchase a tour from the local whom they choose.

This business would take a percentage of commission from the locals who charge travelers for the tour.

The mission of the business is about travelers and locals creating friendships among different cultures. Travelers can go outside of the comfort zone by meeting locals and learning the true life of the places. Locals from all walks of life can earn extra money by hosting tours for a few hours a week or they can even make it their own full-time job.

Rachel Chaikof

Web Production Specialist at Facing History