Locale Los Angeles

Hey guys, my name is Noah and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona.

For my lookbook, I reached out to the owner of locale clothing, Kirby. I met him on reddit and I offered to shoot his product for this project.

When the package arrived, the clothing was pretty wrinkly. I steamed the shirts to save time later in post, which worked great and was so much easier than ironing.

The aesthetic of the brand, for the most part, is fairly minimal and brightly colored, so I did my best to bring that out in the lookbook. Also, Kirby wanted most of the shots to be similar in focal length and subject distance, as opposed to a mix of close ups and mid/long shots, so I did my best to work under that constraint as well.

Trash, I would really appreciate your feedback. I submitted a project for your first class, and I know I've come a long way since then. Anything you, or any other students of this class, have to say would be hugely beneficial to me.

My goals are to carry on with photography once I'm out of high school and not only build myself up to the point where photography is a major source of my income, but also to utilize photography as a means of exploration of new places and new people.


Locale Los Angeles, Collection I










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