Local train stations in Tosu, Japan

Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - student project

Thank you for this amazing class, it really inspired me to draw the place I've been living in for 4 years now ! I am French and I live in Japan since 2016, and it is still a bit difficult to put Japan's landscapes into drawings for me.


This class really helped me to visualize a subject and to put it into drawings. 


I chose the city of Tosu, in the south of Japan as the subject of those 4 postcards. 

Tosu isn't a big city, however there are really modern places (shopping outlets and business hotels), as well as really traditional ones (centuries old temples and sanctuaries).

I really wanted to draw the sunset on the brand new Shinkansen (super rapid train in Japan) Shintosu train station, and the Meiji Era Tosu station... 

Tosu is well known for the development of the train industry here so "Train stations!!!" came to my mind as a whole project that really thrilled me I must admit haha. 


I chose 4 train stations out of all the stations located into the city. Some are really small stations and are really cute, others are big architectural pieces ... Here is me research on the stations : 

Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 1 - student project

You can see I  tried to draw some temple-life roofs and some textures with the pens and brush pens I own. 

Nothing to do with the class but it really made me want to draw a train station map with cute little stations haha (this could be made as a postcard though).


I started to draw some really small thumbnails on this sheet so while thumbnailing I was quite clear about the result I wanted to express. 

Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 2 - student project

However, I realized that a "red thing" on each picture would unite them as a whole.


Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 3 - student project

Here are the different pens and markers that I own that could do the job for this project. In the end I used like 3 markers and 2 black pens + the red one for the red details. 


Here are the finished artworks ! 

1 - Yayoigaoka Station

Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 4 - student project

Yayoigaoka is the well-off residential area of Tosu and the train station there is really cute from outside... The nice thing about this station is that it is located over the road so we can see the mountains from the platform. Also, I really like the panels with the station name, next and previous stations and the logo of the station. 


2 -  Tosu Station Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 5 - student project

Tosu station is the main station of Tosu and a Meiji Era station so it has this vintage clock above the main entrance that I really like. 

I do have really good memories there, with friends, with my husband, ... This is a place that I've wanted to draw for a long time ! 


3 - Shin Tosu StationLocal train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 6 - student project

Shintosu is the super rapid train station in Tosu. It is located in my neighbourhood and next to the Asahi mountain. The sunset there is really beautiful, and also linked to many memories for me. 


4 - Hizen Fumoto Station

Local train stations in Tosu, Japan - image 7 - student project

I wanted to draw a cute and really small station facade ! This is really a thing in Japanese countryside that I love, no staff, almost no passagers, also almost no train stopping haha 

And no matter how much countryside it is here, an automated vending machine will always be there haha That is the case with Hizen Fumoto so it was my red touch ! I tried to render rain also .. 


Here it is for my project ! 

It was super fun to do, and it really has been a while since I did not enjoy that much working on illustrations. I would really like to thank you, Dylan, for this amazing class. It really helped me beyond working with inks !! 

Yasutake Marie
Bag designer and illustrator