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Local and Rural Wonderlust

What I want people to feel when looking at my photos: I've seen that, but never had the time to take a picture. I want to elicit a feeling of longing to be there and missed opporutnity.

The featured image is the essence of what I do. I explore places I've seen a thousand times. Every now and then, that feeling is distilled into a photo. I want you to go to there.

The people that own this farm have seen this and appreciated it many times. There was always too much to do to stop and take this picture. 

An example of when I did not straighten the picture ...glad I took this class to know that is ok.



You don't know where it goes. Only that you want to be there to find out. Don't we all.


A picture of fishing line in a tree against a spring sunrise morphed into being here and being there. One person's missed opportunity became my early morning success thanks to a plane out of BNA. Part of me wanted to be on that plane. Most of me knew I was where I was supposed to be.



This bridge is a muse of mine. A former rail bridge converted to a greenway over a creek. 



Overcoming nature or becoming part of it?



Everything that should be wrong with this picture that makes it one of my favorites: too much going on, flare, through a dirty windshield ...it all makes me wish I was there again listening to the radio and chasing a sunset



Multiple fields broken up with the texture from the dark fired tobacco smoke juxtaposed with tobacco that is air cured. I can smell it now. 



Finally, I hope you share in my appreciation for being there while longing to be somewhere else. In the below, I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather be than taking that picture ...except on that slow barge towards Nashville.


After posting these, I just want to be there... wanting to be somewhere else. I want people to want be there wherever you are. 

Eric E Johnson - monclemonkey.com - @ej_tn on Instagram.


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