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Local Winter Vegetable + Italian Sausage Soup

Hi -

A few weeks ago, I attended a cookbook event and cooking demonstration. Aside from taking home a cookbook, one of the other "party gifts" was a big bag of produce from Mariquita Farms in the Bay Area.

Not entirely sure what to do with close to 20 pounds of produce, I knew that soup would be the answer. Hot Italian sausage was purchased at the Bi-Rite Market and made by the awesome butchers behind the deli counter. Feel free to omit this ingredient if its not your preference.

Having made this in batches to last for several days' worth of lunches and dinners, this is a great hearty winter meal. Pair with a grilled cheese, salad, or just bread & butter.

PS: pictures and cooking method in progress!

Local Winter Vegetable + Italian Sausage Soup

yield: 2 servings (but easily be doubled)

1/2 pound hot Italian sausage, casings removed

1 small leek, white part only, small dice

3 small potatoes (not russet), small dice

3 small carrots, peeled, small dice

2 collard greens (big leaves), stem removed and leaves rolled & cut into thin ribbons

2 cups of chicken stock or water or combination

Kosher salt and pepper, as needed


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