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Local Visibility Marketing

My interest and passion for Internet marketing was not planned or forced. I began working for a small IT software development company in Charlotte, NC. I was to assist in sales and marketing. However the marketing challenge that was presented to me was somewhat new.

Although I had recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, I had not studied or worked in the sub field of "Internet Marketing" or SEO as referred to in the industry. This was to be my focus and task to learn SEO and take my knowledge and apply it to the company's online strategy.

As I spend time learning the ins and outs of SEO, I began to understand how important the field is and more glaring, how important it will become in the near future. This realization may have been what sparked my curiosity with the field. I was already well versed in face-to-face sales, and understood the growing trend of researching and finding companies online. I soon found great joy in conducting SEO processes and knew this something I want to do.

And so came the idea to start a seo company. It would be great; I could work for myself, travel due to the online work. But the only problem, the industry is flooded with competition. So I knew I needed to narrow my focus. Seeing my experience in the filed is very slim, I thought it would be smart to start small. So I decided to specialize in Local SEO. By helping small local business increase their web presence, I could get my feet wet and also make money.

The plan has been to spend plenty of time to learn and understand everything I can find regarding Local SEO and save these guides and toolsets to refer back to. Although it is a continuous task to stay current in this SEO field, I now have a fairly good understanding for what steps involved in this process. The next step is to build my own online presence with a public facing website and recruit clients. What I am offering is a one-time purchase to bring a small local business up to where it is fully optimized. And give the customer the option to be an ongoing client with the company for a monthly charge.

The only expenses in starting this business is the domain name, website, LLC, and the time involved in learning the industry. Not too bad! I hope to sell my services for a fairly inexpensive price to the customers. And I would most certainly charge a price that would bring more value to the customer.


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