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Chris Williams

Graphic Designer / Founder - Local Club Clothing



Local Club Clothing

 Chris Williams

Location: Miami, FL

Brand Name: Local Club Clothing

Slogan: To the deep sweet memory of home

Mission Statement: Confidence in culture

Miami is a city that shouldn’t be here, carved out of wetlands and cut off from its surroundings. Truly, it’s the Magic City.

The repetitive, rump-shaking beats of latin rythyms and Miami bass pour out of low riders, night clubs, storefronts and restaurants, sometimes joined by the staccato crowing of a rooster in neighboring backyards paved for efficiencies and additions. The streets are lined with coffee counters and cafes, beauty salons and barber shops, little food markets, art galleries and fabric stores. The aroma of sweet cigars is unmistakable when walking by a park where grandsons observe their grandfathers sip whiskey and get into heated arguments during domino tournaments.

Culturally, Miami also exists as a world apart from the rest of its own state, the rest of its own nation. If you really want to understand Miami, you've got to realize one thing. In Miami, it's an attitude that sets you apart. It's the only city in the world, as far as I can tell, whose population is more than fifty percent recent immigrants, from everywhere. And that’s a hell of a thing, when you think about it. 

To represent the hustle of getting up at dawn, hard work, bravado, and confidence, the icon for Local Club is a rooster. I chose it as a tribute to the crowing birds that still roam immigrant neighborhoods throughout Miami. Roosters will fight each other regardless of human contact, it is their natural instinct to fight as they will always seek to eshtablish themselves in the pecking order. 

Local Club exists to tell a story. To reflect an attitude. It's a brand inspired by home. But ultimately defined by yours. Local Club is confidence in culture.

Shirt concepts and mockups for first collection. All CADs, nothing is in production yet. I really would like to get a good amount of feedback and narrow my focus before getting into merchandising the line.

Watch 'A Toast (to Miami)'

Localclubclothing.com coming soon


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