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Local Brews- Bottle Labels for my hometown communities

June 11, 2013

Hello eveyone, tonight is my first night of taking this class. I have decided to create a fake brewing company and do 3 different labels for this brewing company all representing my hometown and surrounding communities.

The three names I have come up with so far are as follows, but may change.

Silas Saywer's Summer IPA

Warren's Three Oaks American Lager

New Buffalo's Whittaker Wheat

They are based loosely off the town and the person who founded the city. Along with that I'm picking eras of time, going for historic, generally based off of when the town was founded, or maybe an event.

June 10, 2013

Here is the first sketches for the beer Silas Sawyer.

June 19th

Finished product

June 25, 2013

Second bottle:

Three Oaks, Michigan. 

Designed with Flag day, farmland and America in mind.


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