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Emma Peacock

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Local Book Store

I want to recreate the local book store concept. I would love to have a book store with all kinds of books and run book clubs through it to create a community.

The way that community couold support it's own through the shop would be that for every book they bring in to the shop to donate to local charities or schools, they would receive a small discount off their next purchase. Customers with loyalty cards could bring in a large stack of books to donate when it duited them and we would bank those on their loyalty card for them to use the discount later.

Every month, these books would be donated to the local schools with lower deciles, women's refuge and other charities, depending onn what type of books they were. We would also run local drives and have a donation area, but the main crux of the donation would be by customers receiving a discount back. Another addition could also be that for every X amount of books sold, we donate the same number to the local charities ourselves. Unsold magazines could be donated to local business that are just getting started and can't afford to purchase magazines for their recption or waiting area.

I have created this poster, which would sit on the community notice board in the shop, alongside pictures of the docations.



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