LocStar - student project

this is my beginning sketch from a photo reference...

LocStar - image 1 - student project


This is where I added a solid color to prepare to paint in values

LocStar - image 2 - student project


Values starting to take shape here

LocStar - image 3 - student project


After getting the basic values roughly painted, I was able to easily adjust and play with the skin tone and undertone colors to get something more believable

LocStar - image 4 - student project


Finally got some eyes! and clean up the complexion a bit.

LocStar - image 5 - student project


Adding the hair details really made this start to take shape!

LocStar - image 6 - student project


Pushed the values in the hair a bit. Decided on a last minute color change to the clothing. Made some minor tweaks to the proportions...I'm really proud of this...Doing a value painting first was a first for me. I found it beneficial, as I would usually just go straight in and try to use colors as values. This was a quicker and more non-destructive way of working. Cool class!

LocStar - image 7 - student project