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Lloyd's Ink Screen Printing

My dad owns his own screen printing company and needed some updated biz cards. He originally wanted the same ones printed that he had from the 80s but I told him it's been 30 years and he needs to update a bit. Not to mention the ink splots reminded me too much of bird poop. He reluctently agreed.

For a little bit of insight, here are his previous cards:

Notice the placement, the design is very top heavy, and the color choices are not that great. The border spacing on the top and bottom are not equal. The outline of the word "screen printing" is hard to read and the address, phone number, and email get lost since there is no distinguished importance between them.

When creating his new design he wanted to stick with the ink splots, and the black background and the blue, gold, and green coloring.

I came up with this:

I made all the borders around the card to text distance the same, found some less bird poop looking ink splots and tried to distinguish/balance out the different parts of the text depending on the importance.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


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