Llama Fiesta

Llama Fiesta - student project

For this class I created two color variations, because I just couldn’t decide between the options that I had in mind and it’s a good practice, to check how your work appears in different colors. You may find that you like your second or third option better than the original.

That said, this class is all about drawing the Llama from scratch, and creating that watercolor layers on paper look.

Llama Fiesta - image 1 - student project

I love how the colors work against the muted blue background, however my original illustration was in intense pink.

Llama Fiesta - image 2 - student project

The pink version feels happier to me, more of the Fiesta vibe... I’m wondering which one speaks more to you.

Here is another variation, with cactus on pronounced paper texture. Looking forward to seeing students work in the class gallery 

Llama Fiesta - image 3 - student project