Lizzie,the mountain runner

I think I must have watched the course 4 or five times and have read through all of Denis's blog posts and excellent posts and  process videos.  I have stumbled my way through photoshop tecniques and this method really has made so much sense for me.  Difficult to express how much  an inspiration Denis's work is.  Needless to say the Colour and light lessons are equally fantastic and I have tried to use what I learnt there in this class as well

Just to follow along exactly I tried using Denis's  sketch.  I found that a good option was to do all the ambient oclusion in a Hue&Saturation adjustment layer (using selection of each color block to control things)-

Likewise, when I made the selection of lights, by putting that in an adjustment layer your are then able to at once increase saturation and value correctly(I think!) for all colors. Also it allows hue change to colder or warmer color if needed.  I tried adding a third light, the fire in front, just by painting with a hue saturation layer above the rest.  

I have tried many paintings using the tecnique but still find myself laboring too much over detail and failing to find the simple shapes even though his words are almost like a mantra to me now.  

My little painting below was an assigment to illustrate ¨Lizzie the Mountain Runner¨, who was described to me as a very busy housewife with children and many family responsibilities who is a determined sports woman (paraglider pilot and mountain runner).  I though of her being burdened down by children and equipment but still happy and optimistic.  The pose is a little stolen from Rockwells ¨Liberty¨. 


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