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Liz's Life List

I have a tendency to avoid life goals. Some of the best things in my life have come about not because I had a plan, but because I threw it out.  My biggest problem now is that a lot of the fun things I want to do have been crowded out by the things I have to do and work.  My biggest goal is to get back some balance.  To that end, my top five goals are:


1.  Take an actual vacation.  A real leave the work electronics at home and drop off the grid vacation.

2.  Quilt the two quilt tops I finished last year and finish up the one I have 85% done. 

3.  Teach my dog to come - not really a balance issue, more of an annoying command my dog refuses to follow except when it involves treats and nothing else interesting around.

4.  Write everyday the rest of the year.

5.Find/build a better to do list.


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