Janni Honkanen

Creative hobbyist



Lizard/Dinosaur head

I started zBrush as a complete beginner. I've only used 3Ds Max somewhat in my school. I immediately fell in love with the program. I love how you can sculpt your way around. I like to digitally draw, so I felt just like at home when usin zBrush. 

I started my project just trying to sculpt away without references and in a time, I noticed that my piece looked a lot like a lizardman/dinosaur type. After this I started to find some references through google and pinterest. I also found some pretty interesting colourings.
















I was so into the tutorial and zBrush so I completely forgot to screenshot my progress, so I only have for you the finished product. All in all I felt like zBrush was really easy to use. Only some parts I didn't really get (like the dynames part) and why do we must use them. At some parts I needed to google a bit (like how did you get the layers from the model in the last video) but nothing too grave. 
I really learnt a lot and for a beginner I think I did pretty good. Definitely recommend this class for anyone who wants to try their skills as a 3D artist. I will definitely continue using this program and also take advantage of it (especially the ambient occlusion) for my drawings.




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