Liz Bun - Portuguese Street Food

Liz Bun - Portuguese Street Food - student project

Liz Bun - Portuguese Street Food - image 1 - student project

I discovered this course after returning from a trip to Lisbon in Portugal. I was inspired by all the tiled buildings in the city and really wanted to create tiles in my own style by giving them a contemporary twist.

I used this course to create a large range of geometric tiles. I wanted to incorporate them into a project for my portfolio so decided to create branding for a Portuguese Street Food vendor (Lisbon has amazing food!). I picked my two favourite tiles to keep it simple. 

Further images can be found in my portfolio (a work in progress):

I also used tips from this course on the 'Chill In' poster which can be found via the link.


Thanks very much for making this course, all the things I have learned have become part of my day-to-day design work. It has been fantastic when creating geometric patterns, symbols and logos. Looking forward to try more of your classes. 


Liz Bun - Portuguese Street Food - image 2 - student project