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Livy Hoskins

Lead Designer, Southtree



Livy Hoskins Portfolio Design

I've been playing with ideas for a custom built portfolio website but I've never been very good at organizing my process. I tend to want to jump right into the pretty part of the design and then straight into coding from there. I decided to take this class so I would have a stronger foundation behind any interactive design I do in the future! I did several thumbnail sketches to start off and then moved into Illustrator to make some cleaner wireframes. I want my audience to see that I'm a graphic designer and that I enjoy web design! Part of that message will come in the design and execution of the website itself. 

These are my rough (very very rough) sketches. Initially I just wanted to work on the organization, which is the whole point of wireframing, right? The far left were my first and then by the time I got to the sketches on the far right I had a better handle on what I was doing. These will probably not be the last sketches I do for this project but I felt comfortable moving to the computer from here.

These are three Home page options. I'm drawn more to the one on the far right.

These are Project and About Me pages, and I obviously haven't spent as much time on these as the home page. I know they're going to be super simple. I'm still not sure if I'm even going to have a separate page for my contact information, etc. I'm going to do more sketches for the Project pages now that I feel good about my Home page ideas.

Update June 13, 2013

Here are the images of my larger wireframe. I know I need to add the functionality aspects of it, but I think it's a solid foundation for my design now! The main thing I wanted was to have most of the really important information all on the same page. So the only pages I will be building would be this home page and then multiple project pages!


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