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Livvy Learns to Mind Map

Here are five mind maps that inspired me:

1. I learned how to use a mind map through a mind map! Wow!


2. This mind map inspired me because the information was super relevant to me right now.


3. This mind map gave me an example of how you can use mind maps to help you make decisions—which is probably one of the main ways I'll use them in the future. (Also, I like how this one looks.)


4. Something like this mind map is closer to my ideal example of a mind map; I like thinking on pen and paper, but a large piece of paper doesn't allow for moving around/reorganizing ideas easily like a computer might. Post-its are the best of both worlds in my book.


5. To me, this mind map is an example of how a finished/refined mind map can be extremely helpful to communicate information to audiences. Plus, this is super pretty.



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