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Living vs. Existing

It strikes me that I've gone through much of my life just sort of getting by.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about my life.  Lots of great stuff has happened along the way, and there have certainly been periods when I've been rather intentional about making one thing or another happen.  For the most part though, there hasn't been an overwhelming amount of grit and determination, or for that matter, adventure.  There's been plenty of existing, and not quite enough living.  

What I want for myself is a bigger life.  I want to feel a delighted mixture of happy, peaceful, excited, purposeful, and balanced.  All in all, I want to expand my world.  The way I look at it, bigger just means that there's more room for me to move around and feel how I feel.  New places, ideas, things to see, people to meet, ways of being.  I want more in this life than what I've been allowing myself.  

My filter question is, will this make my life, and in turn my world, bigger?

My five focus goals for the next year are: 

  1. Run a 5k.
  2. Turn my passions - baking and cooking - into a profitable business.
  3. Improve my posture.
  4. Swim in one new body of water.
  5. Be conversational in a foreign language.

(My list isn't near complete, but it can be viewed here.)


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