Living on sun time

Living on sun time - student project

Coffee is an integral part of camping because the sun is going to come up when it wants, and it'll be early! I wanted to tie all of this into the design.

I had a few false starts, but I really like what I ending up with. 

Living on sun time - image 1 - student project

I really like the mugs that are one solid, bold colour with a white logo. 

Living on sun time - image 2 - student project

Since my subject matter is the sun I chose the bright apricot as my primary colour.

Living on sun time - image 3 - student project

I wanted to depict nature, camping and the sun all in one. I chose to create a semi-abstract set of mountains (which there are many version of - see below). I also wanted to show sunbeams coming over the mountains, but they also double as notches on a clock. I went with the line 'Livin on sun time' because that's what happens when you camp. You go to bed with the sun and you rise with the sun. No need for an alarm.

Living on sun time - image 4 - student project

I really like the emalco mugs that have a clever use of one of the surfaces (the tic tac toe bottom). I did a little research and found out that on average most people snooze 2-3 times before walking up. I want to have three spots on the inside of the mug that mark snoozes. The closer you get to the bottom of the mug the more awake you should be - like when you hit snooze at home. The bottom of the mug will also have a message. 

Living on sun time - image 5 - student project

Once you've worked past the snooze and you've finished your coffee you'll be greeted by a message. Option 1 is a little risky, but I'm a fan. If emalco wanted to go with something more PG I have options 2 and 3. Op 1 could also be altered to be a little less aggressive.

Living on sun time - image 6 - student project

Living on sun time - image 7 - student project

Here are a couple of examples of my process. 

Drafts -

OP1 I originally thought about using a wristwatch and wrapping it around the mug. 

OP2 I like this option, but it felt a little too bland and I wasn't to add a little more to in.


This is my process on finding the mountains that I eventually chose.



I've travelled quite a bit in my life, but I've only experienced a small sliver of my own country. So I quit my job May 2015 to explore Canada. In my travels, I've also been able to gather the opinions that the world has on Canada. Best case scenario people know it's nice and friendly, worst case they don't have an opinion. I wanted to confidently know promote Canada. 

I was gone for 75 days and only spend 4 nights in paid accommodations. I'm fortunate to have friends and family scattered all over Canada. The rest of my nights were spent couch surfing with strangers. This is something that you can do all over the world, but I don't think you would be able to find the warmth and hospitality I experienced anywhere but Canada.

I knew I would be encouraging a lot of people along my journey and I wanted to be able to easily stay in contact with them. I designed a  business card for this purpose. 

OH! I named my trip 'Above America'. I think that Canada is often overshadowed by The United Stated of America. I like that it works as a  geographic fact and as a backhanded slight. 

Living on sun time - image 8 - student project

Living on sun time - image 9 - student project

I've been searching for a gift to send the people I meet and spent time with. I can't image a better gift than this. 


IMAGE 1: I like that these are all part of a series, but have different colours. I immediately knew that I wanted to do something similar (see colours)

IMAGE 2: I LOVE the tic-tac-toe game on the bottom of the mug! I think it's really clever use of that real estate.

Living on sun time - image 10 - student project

Living on sun time - image 11 - student project



Hudson Bay Company colours

Living on sun time - image 12 - student project

Topographic map

Living on sun time - image 13 - student project

Secret fun thing

I want to incorporate heads vs tails. I think that leaving travel to change can make it fun and exciting. I picture the user coming to a fork on their morning hike and flipping their cup to choose a route. 


It will obviously say Above America. I also want to figure out the best placement for the heads and tails. I'd also like to say thank you to the friend and family who will be receiving the mugs. 


I'm not sure if a list will be appropriate, I'm toying with a map with markers?

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