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Living my own life

So I am not used to listening to feedback and especially not used to hearing positive things about myself. I have spent the better part of the last 20 years beating myself up and trying to be perfect. I have been working on myself, and working on taking my life in to my own hands and not living someone else's life. (Or at least the perception of what they want my life to be). 

I picked very carefully the people I wanted to interview.  My best friends and a couple of co-workers. I told them not to hold anything back and that I could take any criticism they gave me. 

What I found out was that they were already noticing the work I have been doing. They want me to keep doing what I am doing. They all gave pretty much the same answers, which to me was crazy. 5 different people giving me the same answers. You need to stop being a push-over, stop living someone else's idea of what your life should be, stop trying to please everyone. 

The other thing that was a common thread was their wish for me. They all wanted me to have children. I know that I am on my way to changing my life, and that adding a child in to that life eventually will be wonderful. 

I took their comments, I took their criticism and I took their honesty with love and complete appreciation. I will only grow stronger from this, and our friendships will grow stronger as well.

My vision --- 

I live in a grey brick house on the shores of PEI. I have a long driveway with a big front yard. My husband and I moved to the East Coast after his company transferred him East. I am a stay at home Mom to our 2 boys who are involved in everything. Our oldest plays hockey and our youngest is just learning how to skate, but will be chasing his older brother soon. 

I live everyday to the fullest, and am surrounded by happiness and love. My friends and family come to visit in the summers. I sweat once a day and have lost all of my baby weight. My husband and I are looking in to becoming foster parents in order to give back to our community. 

Goals -

1 year -

Attend 1 of every Good Life class by December 2013

Start online course in Fundraising Development

5 year -

Honeymoon in Paris

Pregnant with my first son.

Own my own home

10 year -

Move to the East Coast with my little family

I am the Executive Director of MusicFest Canada.


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