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Living in the Sky

I've thought a lot about this collection and what I would theme it on then I looked around me and realised inspiration was my home and the world around my home I am blessed to live in in affordable housing and live on the 13th floor of the high-rise in Brighton Sussex by the sea. Its not the most handsome of biuldings.  


This is my view, I live on the sunrise side as an early riser this suits me :)


Even when the sunsets and the moon rises its beautiful.


I am blessed to see such beauty, winter time the sun rises of the sea and produce some of the most amazing sunrises.


 I love the view from my desk.


I have decided that this collection will be primarily be geometrics, as I normally draw from nature. I feel its important that I challenge myself and as I am just staring out my surface pattern design career I want to experiment and play.


I took a walk around the communal areas on my floor and took photos from the windows , such an amazing views of Brighton. I don’t mind waiting for the lift , so much to look at. So many patterns and shapes and oddles of inspiration. 


I have become slightly obsessed with windows and the drain pipes on the back of houses. There are some great textures on the roofs as some have lichen growing on them. 

I want my geometrics to be hand drawn and not to ordered, but that could all change in a week. I have also created a board on Pinterest

I realized I needed to simplify what I can see out of my window and looked for the shapes and patterns made by the view, there are loads!! The drainpies and windows remind of creapers climinbing the walls and the fllowers are windows.. 


Really liking chimney pots and will have to make a pattern from them, so much scope. I know that this collection will be a challenge as its not florals, but that the exciting bit, I am loving the brief I have set my self and want to keep the handrawn element in as much as possible :)


So far I have chosen these two photos, for my colour pallets and look forward to using them in my designs, designs.


Had great fun drawing these motifs, really am loving chimney pots, now its time to scan and play.. I love making pattern :)


Here are a few patterns made with some of the motifts, really loving the change of designing geometric patterns.


I was inspired by this swiming costume I saw in town and decided to make a colour palette.


Ya, I have finished, wow i have enjoyed myself so much and really pushed myself and not a flower in sight :) 




 Rainbow Roof-tops


 Sunset Reflection


 Hidden Worlds


 Biulding Blocks


Polka - Pots


 Miles of Tiles


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