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Living in Retrospect Content Plan


  • make money without having to work outside of home
  • have an excuse to do cool things
  • get free stuff
  • find like-minded people
  • be "successful" but still unique
  • be a real writer
  • learn more about web design so I can freelance more effectively
  • residual income
  • creative outlet
  • to inspire people
  • sell planners and designed documents
  • an excuse for a pretty office
  • people to care about my poetry
  • publish a book someday
  • break down barriers
  • live a life worthy of a memoir
  • create beautiful things
  • become a more interesting individual so I can be a better wife and mom


Women 20-35 who stay-at-home, work-at-home, or are in service professions. They may be entrepreneurs or bloggers. They are probably married, very family-oriented, and may struggle to balance selfhood and family. They are seeking personal fulfillment and identity while still being selfless and providing for their husbands and children. They are probably religious, but not judgmental of others. They are genuine people who honestly want to do what is best. They are mostly easy-going socially, but are probably a little high-strung professionally and are certainly difficult on themselves because of their perfectionist tendencies. They are probably upper lower class or middle class, and probably have a husband who works outside of the home. May suffer feelings of guilt or insecurity about their life choices and need to be uplifted and encouraged. Probably enjoy cooking, reading self-help books, volunteering, doing creative projects, and working to be self-sufficient as an individual or family. May feel like they don't fit into the norm.


Emma is 24 years old. She graduated with a major in English and has been trying to find a real job ever since. She is funny and creative, but is tired of working minimum wage jobs when she has a degree and student loans. She recently started a blog in an effort to get her writing out there and to make a little money. She hopes that by increasing her online presence, she can find clients who need copy writers. She enjoys crocheting and sewing and was lovingly nicknamed "Nana" in college because of her campus-famous chocolate chip cookies. She is a hopeless romantic and is looking for Mr. Right, but she figures she will find him if she just keeps living her life and doing what she loves. She currently lives in the apartment above her parents' garage, and she is struggling to maintain her identity as an adult when so much of her life makes her feel like a teenager. Still, she is optimistic that things will turn around if she keeps doing her best. 

Stay-at-home Mom

Charlotte "Charlie" is 35 years old. She left her job as a teacher to be a stay-at-home mom when her first daughter was born 10 years ago. Now, she has three little ones and spends all day running around like a crazy person trying to keep the house and kids from falling apart. Her youngest (not pictured) was just diagnosed with Autism, and as an educator, she worries about how the public school system will work for him. The girls love school and are doing well, but she worries that the special education system in their town might not be the best fit. Her husband is an accountant, so their finances are pretty strong. They are on target to pay off their mortgage this year because of their dedication to frugality and living debt-free. She misses spending time with grown-ups sometimes, and worries that if she ends up homeschooling, she will never be able to get back to the profession she loves. She feels guilty about feeling this way, but she feels like she's lost her own identity to her children. She is looking for a hobby or passion so that she can reignite herself and be a better mom and wife.

Janette is 28 years old, and she just had her first baby. She is working as a nurse, but has dropped to less hours so she can spend time with her little one. She is an organic, crunchy mom, but she is feminist and hip enough that she wants to keep working. She definitely feels torn between work and home, but she feels fulfilled in both arenas - even if she is exhausted. She is an independent woman and is so grateful that her husband is so helpful with the baby while she is working. They still struggle to make ends meet because of some bad financial decisions in the past and a lot of student debt, but they do their best to live frugally while still only eating healthy foods and making sure that their baby has the absolute best of everything. 


Friendly - Lazy = Conversational

Fun - Rowdy = Upbeat

Educational - Boring = Enlightening

Heartwarming - Gimmicky = Encouraging

Inclusive - Stepford Wife = Accessible


Make $300 from my blog by January 1, 2015.

Sell 50 planners by January 1, 2015.

Finish two workshops/classes by January 1, 2015

Try two new things and blog about the experiences by Valentines Day 2015.


Living in Retrospect is an upbeat, conversational, and encouraging blog focused on providing content about living frugally, creating beauty, and reflecting everyday to SAHM's, WAFHM's, and WAHM moms, spunky entrepreneurs, and vintage-loving millenials so that together, we can break down barriers and forge non-restrictive identities in a society filled with obnoxious standards and overwhelming pressures.

Why am I doing this?

  • To become a more awesome. (Thank you, Kid President)
  • To find fulfillment in independence - financially and emotionally, doing something I love.
  • To learn more about web design so I can build my freelance business.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, I plan to: 

  • Make $300 from my blog by January 1, 2015.
  • Sell 50 planners by January 1, 2015.
  • Finish two workshops/classes by January 1st, 2015.
  • Try two new things (I wouldn't otherwise) and blog about the experiences by Valentine's Day 2015.

Oh, and obviously, make the world a better place for all people everywhere - or at least as many as I can.


  • Faces of Femininity - feature different women's stories (engagement)
  • Saving Money - Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials (evergreen)
  • Blogging - Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials (evergreen)
  • Pep Talk - Let me get all inspirational and encouraging up in here (engagement)
  • Marriage & Family - Opinion pieces and advice (evergreen)
  • Weddings - Inspiration & Tutorials (evergreen)
  • DIY Projects - (events or evergreen)
  • Creative Writing - poetry and tutorials (engagement)
  • -The Absurd


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