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Living in Possibility

I wake at 6am, roll over, kiss my husband and climb out of bed. I head into my closet to get dressed and then into the bathroom to brush my teeth and pull my hair back. As I walk into the kitchen, I press play on my iPod and begin to make breakfast and pack healthy lunches for my husband, children and myself. I know that the music and smell of eggs will wake everyone and we’ll be dancing around the kitchen in no time. I pour myself a cup of coffee (Thank God for the timer, right?!) and gaze out the kitchen window, thankful for a bright, sunny day. Our golden retriever is out back chasing lizards and comes bounding through the dog door when she sees that I am awake. I say hello and scoop food into her bowl.

I hear the baby fussing and head in to get her just as my son rounds the corner. I enjoy the chaos and know that in 7 months it will get even more hectic with the arrival of our third child. We get the kids ready for school and daycare and head out the door. I drop our son off at elementary school and go for a 3 mile run. Then I head to the gym that I manage and teach yoga. 

When I arrive, I put my lunch in the fridge and greet the employees and guests waiting for my 9am slow flow class. The rest of the day runs smoothly as a result of 7 years of being in business.

After work, I pick up our daughter from daycare and meet the babysitter at the house. We chat for a few minutes about how her college classes are going as I begin to cook dinner for my family. My husband comes home and sets the table and plays with the kids while I finish cooking. We all eat together at our kitchen table and discuss the peak and pit of our day and our upcoming vacation to visit his family for the holidays. After dinner we bathe the kids, read stories and tuck them in. Finally, we get some alone time! We have a playful and loving relationship and show our affection freely. We head onto the back patio to relax in the hammock and listen to the crickets chirp. We yawn and know it is time for bed. We go inside and turn of all the lights on the way to bed.


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