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Living in Paris!


For my project, I knew I wanted a gender neutral color scheme.  I was mostly thinking of Paris in terms of fashion (since the logo is for a clothing store), and kept coming back to how classic French fashion tends to be, with a lot of neutrals, so I tried to choose my color palette with that in mind.  I was hoping that a neutral palette would go with a wider range of clothing styles so that the logo itself wouldn't clash with the clothing inside the store.

Since the store carries predominantly children's clothing, I wanted the logo itself to be simple, but playful and childlike, so I chose a sort of childlike urban streetscape.  I like that the simplicity makes it feel juvenile and sweet.  It also feels a little vintage to me and reminds me of the Madeline stories I read to my nephews.

Another reason I wanted to keep it simple was so that it could be enlarged (for a shop sign) or shrunk down (for a clothing tag or business card) without losing too much of the detail.  I threw in some homage to the french flag, but used more of a red tint, and more of a blue shade to bring more calm to the whole thing and keep it classic and vintage feeling.

I would love feedback, *especially* constructive criticism on color theory and the design in general!


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