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Living for Myself


my own family - a close network of friends - an active lifestyle - sweat - vulnerability - confidence - to be valued and appreciated - a home - positivity - to be part of a community - sunshine - water - lunchtime runs - marathons - to be loved.


doubt - pleasing others - wasted weekends - negativity -  commuting - long city hours -  trapped - shame - fear - a cubicle


- I was suprised to hear that people view me as a private person- I thought I was a pretty open book!

- Everybody said that they could see me as a mother, this is something I'd only recently admitted to myself that I wanted, so it was good to hear

- A few people mentioned that I was a free spirit, and that I was folowing my own path in life, which they admired in me. I've not necessarily seen myself in this light before, though given the fact that in the last year I quit my stable job in London and moved to Whistler, Canada, this maybe shouldn't have been such a suprise! 

That I am better working with people, and as part of a community. 


I wake up every morning knowing I am exactly where I belong.

I am married to a man who challenges me every day to be the person I am meant to be. Our relationship takes work, it isn’t perfect, but we value it all the more so because of that.

We have two children and are considering a third.

I am confident in my abilities and I have instilled this confidence in my children. They know that they are loved and are capable of anything they should choose. My kids are active and love to spend their days outside.

I don’t work the 9-5, but rather have the flexibility in my schedule to be with my kids when they get home from school, and to hit that 9am yoga class from time to time.

We own our own home, with a big kitchen where friends and family often congregate to spend time together.

I have a close-knit group of friends that surround me. We sweat together, laugh together and support each other. I am also part of my local community, whenever I pop to the local shop I run into someone I know!

I am in great shape, running is still my passion and I run 5 mornings a week while the world is still waking up. Over the last 10 years I have completed a number or marathons and an ironman. 


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