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Daria G

Nail technician. Educator. Business owner.



Living above the line

Hi everyone,

I am really excited to be back to this class. Since October a lot of my goals and visions realized and I cannot wait to permanent changes that wil last a lifetime.


I would love to be an inspiration to people and a leader. I'm exremely passionate about healthy eating, fitness and family. I woild love to inprire others to live their best life possible!


I am an inspiration to people. Positive and a joy to be around. I continue to learn, travel and try new things.


I am successful and unique in my small business 'Nails To Go'

Accomplished runner (i.e. I run 30km in 2013 to mark my 30th birthday. I PR in half marathon with the time 1:58 and continue to run)

Great start so far :) What have you came up with?

10 year goal:

At the age of 39 my husband and I live in warm, sunny Okanagan, BC both of us accomplished as individuals and successful in our careers. We travel twice a year, participate in various races and exercise daily. We are happy together and inlove more than ever. Family is everythting to us.

5 year goal:

I am certified holistic coach and a yoga teacher. I concentrate my energy on the new goal to become holistic coach, to share my passion for real food with others and to inspire people to live the best life possible. My husband and I continue exploring the world by travelling, meeting new people, learning. My husband is moving towards his dream career as a HR representative by being enrolled in school.  Our passion for overall healthy living is at its peak.

1 year goal:

I'm married to my best friend :)

I complete (my first) 30km run to mark my 30th birthday by September 2013. Continue to run, do yoga, crossfit. I complete holistic life coach certification and create small educational lectures on healthy lifestyle. I am exstatic to find my purpose in life!


I've got to start believing in myself. When I put in 100% I get out 100% and it feel so damn good. I am capable of a lot more than I think. I am an inspiration. 


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