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Living That Sketchbook Magic Life.

A Little About Me: 

Originally from San Diego, I'm currently taking a year off to live in Costa Rica and am working as a freelance writer. I'm looking to other career paths, particuarly one that deals with design. I took this class to become more creative and working on my drawing skills! 

Day One: But I Don't Have the Right Supplies! 

This is an excuse I use a lot and one I was even going to use to avoid doing the first day's project, ironicially enough. However, through the lesson I learned just to give up that fear and grab the closest paper I had (my journal), and grab crayons and just started sketching and making marks. Definitely will be investing in a sketchbook at some point, but the regular paper worked just fine! 


Day Two

I feel like Ria just knows all of my excuses because these are the ones I struggle with the most. Luckily, the magic idea jar is a great idea and now I have a coffee cup full of them, I intend to keep it past the class. I got "birds" and decided to add a little bit more doodles with it. I enjoyed the idea of starting with an idea and then creating a drawing that goes beyond the intial idea, it's nice to have a starting point and then let your creativity go from there! 



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