Living Room Upgrade!

First off here is my inspiration photo.

To me it has all the 8 principles, maybe a bit short on the botanicals, but I like the fir branch and peacock feathers casually draped over the fireplace.  I love the way it looks stylish, but not sterile.  I'm sure for some people, this might be too cluttered, but I love it.

Now on to less grand interiors!

We moved into this house about 5 years ago, and have been trying to get it to our liking in between work, raising two small kids, and limited funds.  We love our house, but I feel like it might be time to style it up a bit more!

The living room in particular, has always been a challenging space.  Between the fireplace, large windows with the biggest radiator ever made, and long narrow shape, we've struggle with furniture placement.  I think we'll stay with the current layout, but I would like to style it a bit better, and figure out what furniture changes would work (I would like to change out the couch and chairs, and even if it won't be for a while, it would be great to get ideas.)

The mantle and built in bookshelves are definitely an area that could be used better I think.  I plan on pulling out the hideous brass and glass fireplace door, which will also be replaced at a later date.

Here's the view of the couch.  On the facing wall is the TV, which I haven't photographed yet.

Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the class!


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