Living Room Shelves

Excuse the MS Paint art!  

Needs: Chair & Table to sit

Shape: Round table, rectangular frames, "square" chairs

Color: B&W, dark red, with green accents on a neutral background.  The little bit of green in the frames really stands out

Placement: Perfect gallery wall

Pattern:Chairs + rug

Texture: The prints/ paintings add a ton of texture to this image/

Bling: Painted gold interior on hanging lamp- with a hot pink cord.

Botanical: The flowers on the table.  A plant added to the side would take this over the top.


My space:


Coffee Table:

Totally unedited, and messy- but this is how the coffee table looks 99% of the time.  The one percent is when I clear everything off for a party.  Full of drying art projects, remotes, gummy snacks, temporary tattoos, Jcrew catalogues, and a candle. 


This is the couch/ coffee table situation.  Yep, a total disaster.  Messy blankets & pillows + a child eating cereal and watching Ninja Turtles.  Couch is not centered on the wall and I have no end tables.  That round stool gets moved around to hold drinks & snacks.  Not a very practical situation and always looks messy no matter how much I clean- and I promise I do despite what these pictures show!

Consol/ Shelf:

I love this built in... but have never even tried to style it.  Most things are tossed up there; see the nordstroms gift card and phone case&cord or placed there when I moved in 4 years ago...   Would love to properly display some of the nice pieces I have, along with family photos and cards.. without it looking like a hot mess.  


Trying to make this shelving unit pretty and functional.  It looks haphazard but I have actually attempted to style it many times.  


There is no good way to photograph the bedroom since the only windows are in the back corner.  I am perfectly happy with the bedroom as is.  Do need a new duvet cover and probably some new pillows, but am totally fine with the rest.  Could use some bling though... maybe a brass end table?


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