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Kim Bailey

Senior Art Buyer, Creative Art Photography



Living My Colorful Life

1. Personal Legacy: Defining What You Want & Your Impact On The Planet

There were a few interesting things that I learned during my interviews. One being that my friends feel that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to and that I experience loss of power when I have to be vulnerable. My friends also appreciate my honesty - a lot, apparently :).


A Family, Love, Marriage, Good Friends, Freedom, Good Health, A House, To Share Ideas, Travel, Have Adventures, To Create, Help Others Achieve Their Goals, To Have Fun, Meet New People, To Be An Art Director, Own A Small Business, Have New Experiences.

Don't Want

Negativity, A Cubicle Life, To Be Alone, To Be Afraid Of Not Being Successful In My Own Eyes.

This exercise helped me to realize that I have grown so much as a person and that I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I'm not where I once was. I feel grateful and appreciative for everything :)

*High Fives* for Growth

2. Write Your Vision From Above The Line

This lesson was harder to do than I thought. Not because I don’t know where I want to be in 10 years, but because there’s so much I want to be doing. So here goes.

By the year 2023 I will be a successful freelance Art Director working in Advertising. I will also have a small graphic design business. The one moment in time that I envision is sitting in my home office that I share with my equally artsy husband working on some concepts for an upcoming project. Above my desk will be tears from various art magazines that I keep for inspiration. The office will smell of vanilla from a candle burning on a nearby table. Since it is a cool fall evening, I am taking sips of my favorite tea – Lipton’s BlackBerry Vanilla from a clear mug as I work. While I’m working, I am also enjoying the company of my husband and child who are helping me through the creative process. There’s nothing like the honesty and creativity of a child and the support from a husband.

In this moment, I’m feeling grateful, creative and accomplished.

3. Set Your Goals

Of course all of these goals are works in progress.


(10 Year)

  • I will be a wife and a mother of one.
  • I am living with my family in a house in NYC.
  • I will be surrounded by family and good friends who support one another. 

(5 Year)

  • I am taking time to see the world - both internationally and domestically.
  • I will be a loving relationship with my future or present husband.
  • I am in great friendships with people who share similar life visions and we are encouraging each other to live life to the fullest.

(1 Year)

  • I am attending/volunteering at events and meeting new people with similar interests.
  • I am journaling weekly to stay in touch with my goals and thoughts.
  • I am smiling more.


(10 Year)

  • I will be physically in shape and mentally at peace.
  • I am further into my practice of Forrest Yoga and Meditation. 

(5 Year)

  • I am running to stay in shape.

(1 Year)

  • I will be attending more yoga workshops.
  • I will joining a running group Summer of 2014.
  • I am eating more leafy vegetables and fruits.


(10 Year)

  • I will be a successful Art Director working for a magazine or online publication.
  • I will be the owner of a small graphic design company.
  • I will distribute a $5000 scholarship for the students of the high school I graduated from.

(5 Year)

  • I will be free from all student loans, car loans and credit card debt.
  • I am taking classes for photography, design and advertising.

(1 Year)

  • I will have paid off my car loan and credit card debt by May 2014.
  • I am researching ways to make a successful career transition into Art Direction.
  • I am taking online, continuing education classes and workshops to enhance my knowledge and boost my resume.
  • I am networking with those in the field I really want to be a part of.


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