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Living God

Unlock Your Potential, Open Your Mind.

Living God was a project that has been in the works since late last summer after hearing about The Underachievers. The Underachievers, if you don't know, are a rap duo that have been recently coming up. They're about opening your mind and realizing that you can have anything in the world because the world is yours. Everything around us is an illusion that we can control once realizing that it is so, there is no such thing as a coincidence. From them I learned a lot about meditation, chakras and enlightenment. How I got the name, and most of my ideas, was from meditation. One day after meditating I just had idea after idea and Living God was born. Everything that I make is inspired by how I live in my life, the music I listen to, the shows I watch, and other clothing brands that have inspired me. Living God is realizing that you can make something from nothing all you need to do is open your mind. Everyone has the ability to be a living god. Build the world you want to live in by doing what makes you happy. We're all gods we just have to unlock our potential, what's yours? 

Every piece is done by fam or self, from design to printing and marketing.

Currently working on the season 0 line but with a pre season drop that is currently in the works.

Kid Cudi Shirt // GID lettering light 3M splatter // Super limited // Soon

As of now I have many 1/1 samples but nothing for sale or in quantity yet besides a Fam shirt

This was posted by Jacob Rochester on his instagram, if you haven't heard of him he is extremely talented. He made the lettering for me. 

For some more pics of what has been done so far check

Twitter @LivinggGodd


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