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Catherina Garcia

Graphics, web & motion



Living Desert

I started making experiments, trying to feel confident about the techniques before I start with my project. I started creating a dot by coping a piece of jewelry and a model from an old fashion mag. then I put it in Photoshop (not Illustrator working right now) and I created the patterns using all three methods. After almost 20 experiments, these are my favorites.

Later on, I found these inspiring images of cactus in Pinterest.

I started making a few ugly sketches and later digitized them in my ipad.

Then I went on to Illustrator to start filling and finding my dots to start the pattern. This is what I came across. Here I found my color story: Living Desert, giving the fact that this cactus look almost like sea creatures.

Finally I did some experiments using the three techniques. And I came with these five final variations.

Hope you like it! I appreciate every comment. Thanks!


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