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Lively Bikebook color schemes

This is my first color scheme:

I began by looking at images on google image search of people riding bikes in the city, and liked some of the tones from the image included above. I initially had a darker green included, but decieded to nix it because it was darker and while it provided contrast, it seemed a buit muddy.. Below is the original color scheme from kruler, and a photo from a huffpost article abot city bike programs that also inspired the orange above.


I chose the silvers and blue because these are colors that I think of when i think about bicycles: cool chromes, crisp silvers and clean sky blues. The orange and green were added to liven it up and add youth and adventure to the scheme. The dark blue is not completely eliminated, just exists as a shade of the blue in the worksheet.

My second color scheme is a little less lively, but still youthful and bright. I added a pop of yellow to be used sparingly, becuase it contrasts nicely with the dark purple and teals. Many competitors use yellow in their main color usage though, so I think it would serve mainly as an accent color. This color scheme is less active than the first one, and is more subdued in it's use of different colors. 


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