#LiveEpoch - student project

I'm a hip-hop artist who is releasing a collaborative project early next year.  The album is called "epoch" and the tag line for the whole shindig is "Live Epoch" meaining make moves as if you're starting a better day and time.  "#LiveEpoch" is considered the first of four "seasons" of a much larger multi-media project entitled "The Legacy Project" (TLP).  However, "Season 2" of TLP will never come into existence without adequate funding.


Business Problem:  Lack of resources (human and financial) to create and execute "Season 2" of TLP.

Goal:  To form the proper team and obtain complete funding for Season 2 of TLP.

Budget:  TBD

Deadline: 5/1/13  


12/13 Updates

The Question

How am I going to form the proper team and obtain complete funding for Season 2 of TLP?

Possible Funding Options:  1)   Corporate partnership(s) 2)   Angel Investors 3)   Crowdfunding 4)  Merch & CD Sales

*We will not concentrate on #2 b/c won’t be focused on attracting such.


Essential Team Members Needed:  1) Need to List 2) Need to Decide on In-house vs. Outsourcing


Competitor Analysis

How have other artists raised funds and formed teams?

Macklemore, Tito Lopez, Dee-1, Kid Daytona, & Cool Kids


Crowdfunding Analysis

How have successful campaigns from artists been accomplished?

*Macklemore, Amanda Palmer


Partner Analysis

What type of reach and influence needs to be shown to prove our value?

What type of artists and content are they looking to partner with?  (Brand Cohesion)

How have they given funds to projects in the past?

Possible Partners (identify 15): 

 1) Red Bull Studios  2) Kum & Go / Nuclear  3) Vitamin Water  4) Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound  5) Hard Rock Records  6) Intel  7) LRG  8) Scion  9) Converse  10) Mevio.com  11)  12)  13)  14)  15)

What is the best way to form relationships with these potential partners?

Brand Analysis

How have we raised funds for out past creative pursuits?

On ??/??/?? a former employee of digital marketing company Silver Chalice and current officer at “Above Average” informed me that there are two main routes to corporate partnerships.  The first comes into play when there is a solid relationship w/ the company and your content align w/ their brand and the sencod is when your personal sources are gaining enough hits/impressions to garner attention.  (He approximated 3M UN for a personal site.)  Given our resources, we must go the “relationship” route.

The Hypothesis

Funding for Season 2 of TLP can be obtained by forming relationships with the 15 target Potential Partners, gaining and proving, adequate reach and influence, and running a Crowdfunding campaign.

*Quantify “adequate”