Live4Live | Skillshare Projects

Jonathan Bryant

Music industry professional




Initial rough concept for Live4Live -- This application allows users to keep track of shows they have seen and want to see. It gives reminders of online ticket purchasing times and websites. It could sync with music hubs like itunes, Rdio and Pandora so users can upload their music and lets them know about atists they might like to see that are touring in their area. It allows users to upload, manage, like, share and comment on photos and videos of their favorite live shows (the app bulids a database that when big enough, venues can link to and let attendees to see what the venue is like, the past shows that have been there. It would be all user based. It is intended for those who attend live shows regularly. Provides a database for users to connect with their favorite artists??. It provides artists with venue info and rates them based on the overall enjoyment of the user. The app allows users to tag their favorite artists and venues and documents the shows they have attended.  (ie. places) Essentially its a userbased live music resource.


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