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Live the life of your dreams


With 2016 just beginning (but also going so quickly!), I only thought it would be fitting to choose a quote that spoke to how I wanted to shape the rest of this year. 

I chose this quote because I want to remind myself that time is passing no matter what I do - so why not pursue my dreams and invest in myself? 

// january 26, 2016
here is my latest practice sheet


still need to learn how to control when too much ink flows out of the nib? and getting the consistency of the thickness to be the same



** realized that i only uploaded one of my sketches.. so i added in the second one underneath lol

sketched out two different ways that i could possibly want to pen my quote:
tried to use bryn's technique of conveying different "feelings" through my writing styles

// practicing letters


i used dotted paper so i can stay consistent. i really liked how this turned out actually.. 


from this practice i realized that i need to practice my uppercase letters (and how to write straight). the top (for both upper and lower) was done by tracing first. the second set of lowercase letters was done done in my own "script" and the bottom upper case was done "trying" to copy bryn's style..

// final product


i decided to go with my first sketch and i took what bryn said about my the 's' in dreams and made it smaller :) 


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