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Live in the Now (w/ Video of Final Vectorization)

My first saying in scripted form. Thought I'd take a mantra that is something I always try to return to, especially when over worked/thinking/etc!


Flying back from a vacation, I sketched this project in my Moleskin using a pencil and my ruler. I then inked it and finalized it with a (rough) erasing job.

I scanned the image and masked out the messy areas of the artwork in Photoshop before importing it for vecotrization in Illustrator.

(Photoshop layer breakdown for a quick-n-dirty art clean up)

(Vectorized artwork with rough pen work)

Playing Around

I visited and did a quick Creative Commons search for "peaceful" and found this image and played with some text overlays using some textures to dampen the crispness of the vectorization.

(Photo credit: h.koppdelaney via cc)


I had an open chunk of time and sat down to do the vectorization of my illustration. I enjoyed setting up the grid and utilizing it for alignment, helped speed up decision making. Just don't know why many times my Smart Guide was having trouble snapping to my guides. 0_o

I created a video of my work in Adobe Illustrator to document the steps in tracing the illustration.

Playing with a 


Tigre de Fox y Tigre

Fire Sparks photo credit: lovestruck via photopin (cc)


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