Kristin Savko

eLearning Developer, Photographer, Designer



Live for Adventure

Here we go! Final project. I'm really happy with how it turned out considering I'd not done anything like this before. I created this with the intention of spraying and framing it...Still have some supplies to aquire before I do that, but in the meantime... :)



So thankful for all the great feedback on my project! I'm a few days behind, but here's my lettering up to this point. Sorry for the mediocre pic. My project is on the small side 8.5x11...but I have a spot in mind where this will be just perfect. I tried using the vinyl adhesive chalkboard and have it on a thin piece of cardboard. I thinkt he vinyl worked pretty well, although I'm sure it's not nearly as nice of a surface as a true chalkboard. It leave me a lot of possibilites for future though. 


I worked on this outside while my little dude (4) worked by my side. Was a nice adventure for both of us.



Here's my sketch. This felt very outside the box for me, but it was fun :)  I'd love some feedback!



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