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Carolina Frandsen P Costa

Biologist + Ilustrator



Live and let Live

Hi everyone!

I'm almost late for posting in time for the 30 days session, so I'll edit the text later.

I decided that I wanted to draw a sloth. Initialy, I've focused on drawing fluffy letters. But I realized that, since the assignment envolved animals, I wanted to draw something more focused on conservation. So, other mammals from my country (I'm Brazilian) could take part of it. 

I've looked up some "preservation quotes", and liked this one "Live and let live".



This was particullary challeging because I'm not very good at lettering, and the letter "L" is full of potential curves (I didn't have time to digitalize the "L" practise, but I'll update it later).

This is what I've got after a quick editing in Illustrator:



In the end, I think my project was more illustrative than I would want. I'm not sure if I accomplished the instructions. I would really apreciate if you can give me some feedback to make it look better! Thanks in advance.


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