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Vanessa H.

Visual Designer, Fine Artist, Writer



Live and Die Alone

Step 1 - Selected Text:

I've decided to write an adaptation of "Winesburg, Ohio: Adventure" by Sherwood Anderson. 

I chose this story because I grew up in a small farm town in Ohio, and I'm about the same age as the female protoganist. Abandonment is also a key issue that drew me to this plot. My focus will be on the protoganists obsession with love and loneliness. But, I'd like to spin it into more of a thriller than a drama.

Summary of Sherwood Anderson's "Adventure":

Still living with her mother, twenty-seven year old Alice Hindman works as a clerk at a dry goods store. Alice waits for the love of her life, Ned Currie, to return from Chicago. Ten years pass and she still cannot move on from Ned. In order to deal with her lonely life, she attends prayer meetings at the local church. The loneliness causes her to snap; one night she runs naked in the rain. Afterwards, she has to face her fate of being alone.

Step 2:

Final Draft:

3rd Draft:

2nd Draft:

1st Draft:

Step 3 - Logline:

For ten years, a young woman's fantasies of her lover returning slowly chip away at her sanity - if she had any to begin with.


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