Live and Be Strong

A little background: Before 2011, I had always been either in the high healthy BMI range or overweight, and it was a struggle to maintain even that. In 2011 I lost 45 pounds with the help of Lose It (a food diary app) and Jillian Michaels' workout videos. I have now maintained the loss for well over a year and am now in the very low healthy BMI range. Even better, I have become much stronger than I would have guessed, and I am loving that aspect.

Now I'm looking forward to becoming even stronger and surprising myself at what I can do. I joined Fitocracy about 5 weeks ago (and I love it!) and I think it is a great support system and way to discover new activities.

My goals for 2013 are:

1.) Get stronger and develop more visible muscles (I'm digging the ones I've gotten so far!)

2.) More specifically, be able to do some things I've never done before:

-a crow pose for at least 30 seconds (I passed 10 seconds for the first time recently),

-an unassisted pull up,

-and the wheel pose.

Part II:

Ok, so now I need to post some progress towards my goals. I've logged workouts on Fitocracy, and I've begun adding dumbbells to my exercises. I've tried several new exercises (like the Windmill) to incorporate weights, which is not only interesting but it's exciting to try something new. My muscles are sore for it for too (yay).

The crow pose is improving - I give it three solid efforts nearly every day.

I've done some research on developing pull ups, and will work towards a pull up by beginning with chin-ups, strengthening my back, and negative chin-ups. 

I haven't found much about developing the wheel pose, but I'll look and ask some more. I suspect that as I get stronger it'll get easier as well.

Here I go! Thanks for your support!


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