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Live Tu Reve!

Name & Location: Hunter Reveur. Bronx, NY/Burlngton,VT

Brand Name: Live Tu Reve

Slogan: "Aspiring Isn't Enough, Live!"

My partner and I are both under 20; in essence we are rendered youths. We've noticed that people within our age bracket aspire to do a lot, however they expect to merely sit back and receives hand-outs without  putting in effort. My partner and I became pretty frustrated with the idea of just aspiring. Living in the city of NY in which dreams come through, we took it as an initiative to be what we want to be. The moment we had declared what we really wanted to do and started working towards it, we realized aspiring isn't enough.The second you start living your dreams is the moment you become what you had aspired to be. 

Mission Statement: "Following an inventive path to the dream"

Live Tu Reve is not meant to be just a clothing line but a unique and indigenous vision that exposes the conception of elements that will create a new world of art. We strive to display our common purpose through symbolic visionaries that embrace all culture and ethnic backgrounds whether it be through music, fashion, film, and other forms of art. We want to promote an experience, a directional movement that will align itself with the viewer's eye to follow an inventive path to their dream when they wear,see, or hear something done by Live Tu Reve.

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The Logo

Live Tu Reve's logo is four hands reaching for the sky. Each hand stands for and represents a different ethnicity as they reach for their dreams depicting that no matter who you are, what color you are, and where you are you can live your dreams. When creating the logo we grabbed inspiration from 90s cartoon "Hey Arnold" which depicted multiple characters of ethnicities and personalities living in a fictional city that resembles NYC.


This is the wordmark, Our font is also inspired by Hey Arnold (one of our biggest inspirations) to keep as grounded in our inner youth. The exclamation point symbolizes the excitement and urge for one to go out and Live! Live your dream.

Style Guide


Scaling Down Logo On Items

Target Audience/Customer Profile.

Our target audience age is anywhere between the age 18-until you no longer need clothing. Being that we produce both what is considered streetwear and what is considered higher fashion cut and sew products our audience can range. When we design for consumers we design for the consumer who pays a little bit more attention to the meaning of graphics and fabrics used in the clothing. We design streetwear clothing for those who is soley into what is considered streetwear can purchase and we design cut and sew for the same reason. We do limit ourselves because we do want to single out anyone. Also people like to mix both fashions, therefore they're able to epress their creativity with us as oppose to going to another brand to find the latter. Our ideal consumer may also these brands

Images Of Collection

"Black Meets White, White Meets Black" is the first collection by Live Tu Reve. BMWWMB gets its inspiration from the designer’s visits to open-minded countries and conversations with open-minded individuals who ignore the idea of race. “Black or white, white or black, if we all come together we’re one”.  With this collection Live Tu Reve will use create grapgic tees and solely use black and white patterns and fabrics to convey the message. 

Piece (1) Black/White Box Logo - Come's In Two Colors

This piece sums up the idealogy of the collection in the box logo. "We make race, what is race exactly, if black is white and white is black, why does it even matter? We're one"

Made & Finished in USA, 100% Cotton 

Satin Live Tu Reve labels are sewn indivually into each shirt with each order.

Price is 40USD

Piece (2) Selassie Jersey Tee - Being raised in the Virgin Islands and having both parents born in the Carribean, I see alot of poeple that have adopted the Rastafarian culture and have family members that are Rastafarians so it was only right that I give an ode to one of the many names that started it. Emperor Hallie Selassie Of Ethiopia. This was also an idea that I use to have which payed homage to alot of religious figures but rid of it once this type of style became a big trend.

Made & Finished in USA, 100% Cotton 

Price is 40USD

Piece (3) Live Tu Reve Logo Tee

Just basic branding, wordmark on the tee.

Made & Finished in USA, 100% Cotton 

Price is 45USD

Piece (4) Black Box Logo Hoodie - Getting the BMWWMB idealogy out but keeping you warmer :).

Made & Finished in USA, 100% Cotton 

Price is 90USD


Piece (5) - Italian Cotton Box Crop Top - Following the BMWWMB theme, we used black and white italian cotton, we cut out the fabric into boxes and sewed them indiviually to create a crop top.

This Item In particular is handmade by my partner and is designed/fitted based upon the customers request.

Fabric is sourced in NYC and we make the product ourselves in NYC.

Satin Live Tu Reve labels are sewn indivually into each shirt with each order.

Price is 60USD

Piece (6) - Polka Dot Dress - following using the BMWWMB theme, we used a black and white polka dot pateern cotton  and ykk zippers to create a polka dress with a deep u in the back.

This Item In particular is handmade by my partner and is designed/fitted based upon the customers request.

Fabric is sourced in NYC and we make the product ourselves in NYC.

Satin Live Tu Reve labels are sewn indivually into each shirt with each order.

Price is 75USD

Extra Credit: Branded Car

We collaborated with Kia to create a car half black and half white to commerate our BMWWMB collection.

If You Want To Know More Ect.

What is Live Tu Reve?

Live Tu Reve is a contemporary brand that is founded by my partner & I. The words Live Tu Reve (Live Your Dreams) derives from three of the most used languages in the world. "Live," in English, "Tu," meaning "Your" in Spanish and "Reve" which means dream in French.

About Us(Designers/Brand)

Thanks for reviewing the project heres a little backstory. I'm Hunter and I'm orginaly from the U.S. Virgin Islands, I moved to NY about 5 years ago and began college in VT last year. When I came to this country I was pretty off when it came to fashion because in the Virgin Islands we were a few few few seasons behind. I came to this country and still didnt fully care much for fashion until highschool where I met a Jamaican girl who made her own clothes. When I met her and saw the outfits she was making from just fabric and ideas it just instantly phased me. We began talking and I started drawing out outfits I would see in cartoons whether it would be American cartoons like Hey Arnold or anime like Dragon Ball Z and she was able to either make it come to life or make something close to it. Sophmore year of highschool she decided to make a collection for fashion show, all cut and sew pieces, I helped her with fabric sourcing, she did the pattern, she sewed the clothes  and the show was a succes. As most know having a brand is a serious commitment and we couldnt manage or have the funds to create collections and promote it and get into shows while striving for the best in school. That was 2010, fast forward to 2013, we just finished our first year of college and realize that this is what we want to do as a career and this is what brings the most joy. Whats the point of working hard but not enjoying it? it's pointless. Here I am introducing my brand Live Tu Reve. We launched a unisex t-shirt capsule collection last week and will be dropping the female cut and sew capsule collection in 1-2 weeks.

Men's cut and sew clothing are a bit harder to make and mass produce compaered to females, especially when it's one person making the pattern and sewing the clothes, so most of the men's apparel for the first collection is printed until we recieve the funds to get the mens cut and sew clothing into production.

You can check it out at & let me know what you guys think.



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