Live The Life You Imagined

Live The Life You Imagined - student project

I've only played around with lettering a handful of times, usually just single letters or monograms. This is my first time lettering a piece like this and it's been really fun.

I chose a phrase I like and wanted it to seem imaginative and inspirational. I wanted it to have the feeling of clouds or of daydreaming.

I still want to refine the kerning and spacing. And I'm not quite sold on the capital "i". I like how it was integrated with the "f" in the original but I changed it up in favor of centering the words more.

Excited to vectorize this.Live The Life You Imagined - image 1 - student projectLive The Life You Imagined - image 2 - student project

Erica Burnett

UX Designer at Zaarly