Live Rent FREE ... And Have Time To Do What You Love!

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Class Description

We all hate working and handing over a HUGE chunk of our paycheck for rent each month.

Learn the secrets to creating a community living space that pays for EVERYTHING ... utilities included!  

Create a unique common living arrangement that gives you money each month, brings in housemates from around the world, and provides you with all the free-time you want... to do what you love! 

.... you'll be amazed when you get to the end of the course and realize how easy it is to create a house filled with people who pay top dollar to live in your community house. 

Project Title

Creating The Vision ...  Free Rent and Time To Pursue Your Passion! 

Project Description


Creating Your Community House That Pays You To Pursue Your Passion

1. The Vibe 

Potential housemates will feel your "vibe" the moment they cross your front door.  We want to be authentic to the space we are creating so we will attract the kind of people we love to hang with.

Whatever it is that you love to do... your space probably already "vibes" with you.

2. Finding Your Perfect House

The money is in the details.  Finding a perfect house that pays for itself is all about finding the best location.  Discover the secrets to creating a long-term lease with a homeowner that supports your vision. 

Here is where the money is! Find out the system to making your community house pay for itself, pay for all the utilities, let's you live rent-free, and pays you money each month. 

3. Creating Your Housemate Ad

Here is where you'll discover the tools to write a unique Craigslist Ad that will attract your kind of people to your door.  I promise, you'll have lots of people to choose from!  

You'll learn what to say "No" to and what you want your potential housemate to bring to the group.

4. The "No Drama" Zone

How to create a "No Drama" house. Learn exactly how to set up your community house so drama doesn't exist. Discover the simple steps to common areas, personal space, food, chores, visiting guests, and handling the money. 

5. The Agreement

Why is it best to never offer a lease?  How much should you charge for a deposit? What should be discussed before your housemate moves in. 

6. Moving On

Everyone who rents is headed somewhere, eventually. What should you discuss when someone gives their 30 day notice?  Will they be getting their deposit returned in full?

How to handle asking someone to leave.  How to legally return a partial deposit... or none at all. 

7. Saying Aloha

Often, people will leave and some will come back.  Sending your housemate off with a party and staying in touch.  You'll be surprised how many people will come back again or send their friends your way. 

Bonus lessons: 

1. Having fun and building relationships

Birthdays, special trips together, pictures and parties.

2. Following Your Dream, Sharing Your Passion With The World! 

Whatever it is that allows your creativity to flow...

Now that your time isn't spent at a job to pay rent... use that time to dive deep and build your passion on the global scale... be a social entrepreneur and make global waves!

The end of the journey

.... you'll be amazed at how simple these steps are when you get to the end of the course and realize it was easy it is to create a house filled with people who love who you are and what you do... and love paying you to live in your community house. 

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