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Live My Legend

I just read "The Defining Decade" this past Christmas holiday and it opened my eyes to what I really feel about the situation I am in. I'm a twentysomething with a stable work, love life, and life in general, but I feel that I am missing out on things I haven't figured out yet but want to achieve. Here's my GTD Diagnostic Quiz results:

I want to do so many things in so little time, and trying to balance them with my day job. I have a long way to go but I have faith I'm gonna get there. 

My objective for this project is to establish this plan / journey towards doing what I can't not do. Be able to answer that question from Scott Dinsmore's TED talk and Live My Legend :)

UPDATE as of 02/02/2014 6:30 PM SGT:

Finished Phase 1 today. I'm collecting open loops using 5 containers:
1) Outlook - mostly for work 
2) Chrome Tasks tab - for any random stuff I can think of while browsing
3) Todoist App - for mobile and when I think of something while checking mails
4) iPhone iOS Reminders - when I have my phone nearby
5) My Starbucks planner - my only physical container

So 2 desktop, 2 mobile, and 1 physical containers. Might even trim these further as I move to Phase 3. Or at least Have a more organized / defined use for each :)


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