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Live Like I'm Alive

In the past, I went through things that were so traumatic, I withdrew from the world and became a hermit -- went from home to work and back. 

Lately, I've been trying to be an active participant in life. I took Kabbalah, set some positive goals for myself, and made great leaps of faith. I hope I came to the right place to keep me moving forward and onward and upward.

I want to learn things, I want to help others (esp the underdogs), I want to teach everything I learned so that other may learn from me. I want to inspire people by my life story because if I can survive hell, so can everybody else. I want to impart that knowledge and show compassion and show people the stength they never knew they had.


Second Goal:

I want to help through a kick-ass job as a copywriter in SF, and use my skills for social good.



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