Live, Learn, Grow. Be Happy. A full life. | Skillshare Projects

Sarah-Louise B.

Marketing, Photog & Design Enthus #LifeLearner



Live, Learn, Grow. Be Happy. A full life.

My project is really symbolic of where I'm at right now with my life. I've learned some pretty tough lessons in the past year and have developed from these. Right now, I'm all about taking control of my life, on focussing on happiness and positivity, standing tall and gaining back my confidence, letting go of all my doubts and doing. Creating. Learning and developing my creative abilities. Pursuing my interests. Mapping out a path that I want to walk.  

Because I believe in appreciating the ordinary among the extraordinary.  That you should never stop learning. I believe that happiness is a choice and that it's possible to block out the negative.  That we have to keep going. That this World really is amazing and there is so much to see. That we need to sometimes just take a moment and breathe.


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